Meeting Reports

25 February 2019

Cookies, Clive and Creativity

Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies were the highlight of the meeting. Adrienne relaxes by grabbing four hot out ot the oven, lying on her couch and reading. She told us their history starting in USA in 1938 using broken up chocolate instead of melted chocolate. At the end of the meeting we were treated to lots of the crunchy but chewy cookies Adrienne had made. Visitors David and Natalie came on the right night.

18 February 2019

Oxana and Valentine, Simon Says and Buck's Tiny Giant

Valentines Day was the theme of Oxana's first meeting as Toastmaster. Valentine rebelled against his Emperor's edict that men should not marry because they were reluctant to go to war. He conducted secret marriages and was consequently sentenced to death. While awaiting his fate he fell in love with the gaoler's daughter and his last message to her was signed "From your Valentine". He deserved his sainthood - and Oxana praise for her competent running of the meeting.

04 February 2019

Unique Magic, Canterbury Water and Questions

Vita ran a lively meeting, revealing personal details about members on the way. Buck denied having 8 children and 25 grandchildren.

Wendy's speech was based on a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson on Reform of Education. Education based on conformity led to bored children and drop-outs. The trend is now to aesthetic experience with divergent thinking prized.  Adrienne introduced Wendy and Oxana evaluated her speech.

Meeting Reports