Meeting report

04 February 2019

Unique Magic, Canterbury Water and Questions

Vita ran a lively meeting, revealing personal details about members on the way. Buck denied having 8 children and 25 grandchildren.

Wendy's speech was based on a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson on Reform of Education. Education based on conformity led to bored children and drop-outs. The trend is now to aesthetic experience with divergent thinking prized.  Adrienne introduced Wendy and Oxana evaluated her speech.

Lloyd gave the history of Canterbury's water and its importance. We need it pure to drink and for producing food for the world. He described the interaction between our rivers and aquifers. Despite vast areas of irrigation he is optimistic about the purity an supply of Canterbury water, but not about our city water.  Michael introduced and Maria evaluated the speech.

In the Table Topics session participants answered Helen's questions involving choice..  Buck said that absence does make the heart grow fonder; Michael that education was not going to the dogs; Adrienne that acting and plumbing were both important; Maria that imagination was more important than knowledge; Lloyd that failure is not the general evaluation.