Meeting report

06 August 2018


Travelling with Bananas, An Authentic Life and Whale Snot

Mark our temporary new Sergeant-at-arms, introduced Toastmaster Michael, who ran a lively meeting graced by a visit by our Area D3 Director Alex Davies.

We were treated to two excellent speeches. David Craig's Icebreaker Travelling with Bananas, was fascinating and very funny. He compared the task of public speaking with standing on ice, feeling it crack and wondering what on earth he was doing. However, note-free he entertained us with his travels, following his mother's advice to eat lots of bananas. At 19 he travelled from home in South London to Yugoslavia (grey), a kibutz in Israel (pinching silk parachutes), to India (don't go) where the price of bananas varied from cheap to very cheap, although his maths got him into trouble on one occasion.

Lloyd's speech The Privilege of an Authentic Life was also an Icebreaker  - number x - and told us a lot about him that even older members didn't know. He covered his work, his study and his community service. Resisting family pressure to study medicine, he followed his passion and went into property development, at first working on building sites, running gangs of workers, building government buildings and in 1981 forming his own construction company. On the way he learnt carpentry, welding and quantity surveying, speaking skills in Toastmasters and sports coaching - even coached two All-Blacks. He supports local and national businesses and sponsors environmental projects. He feels lucky to have found something that satisfies him, involves hard work but gives him a good life.

Penny and Simon introduced the two speakers and Michelle and Josh evaluated their speeches. It is good to see these new members giving confident and helpful evaluations.

Helen as Bard, read from a Dave Barry article about weather. According to Dave, moisture in the atmosphere is caused by whales coming to the surface of oceans and blowing their noses. Sleet is actually little frozen pieces of whale snot. It is good to learn new scientific facts.

Vita ran an entertaining table topics session involving questions as important as weather and whales. Helen explained that oranges are orange because that is her favourite colour and she eats one every day. Penny said cats do not like milk. They prefer water. Josh said his mother's explanation for everything covers the reason that socialism is left not right. "God made it that way." Mark said that the only people who understand Aussie rules are females. They know it is all about rippling muscles and Stubby shorts. Michelle, asked "Is Trump a good man?", said he thinks he is. Michael said jelly is good for you. It rots your teeth giving him more work. Alex said that the legal age for sex is determined before birth. Classic avoidance. Sarah gave a politicians answer to the question "Is politics fair?"  - convoluted and incomprehensible. Nicola evaluated the topics.

Wendy was timer and Adrienne general evaluator.