Meeting report

14 May 2018

Tall Poppies and Tales of the Golden West


Bernie as a first time Toastmaster ran the meeting with efficiency and charm that impressed our Area Director Stephen Moore.


We were all moved by Wendy’s second speech about her personal journey from youthful musical mastery and success to inability, insecurity and abandonment, through to recent recovery.   She described her fears, the adverse effect of tranquillising drugs and the help she received to recover her love of singing and piano playing. Tall poppies can be cut down. We should do what gives us joy. We are lucky to have such an inspirational speaker in our club.


Michael read from his great- great- grandfather’s book Tales of the Golden West – written in 1905. Life on the West Coast in pioneering days,  in the midst of gold-mining fever was vividly described and Michael obviously enjoyed the stories as much as we did.


Jed’s Table Topic questions gave opportunities for opinions and advice.

David was adamant that the world is screwed up because of greed – prioritising self over other person, every species and the environment. There’s an International speech there – or at least a CC#10! Helen said success in conversation involves asking questions and listening to the answers. Nicola deals with stress by prioritising things worrying her. Adrienne sleeps well by wearing an airline mask to blot out any light. Wendy deals with difficult people by befriending them to calm them down. Michael finds out more about people by getting them to relax. Dentist’s have an advantage there?  Stephen said money had a seductive appeal because it is measurable but more does not necessarily make one happy. Vita evaluated the speeches.


Nicola introduced Wendy and Adrienne gave her speech a warm evaluation. Helen was the general evaluator. Michael announced that the AGM will be on 28 May.