Meeting report

20 August 2018

 Staying loose, Stenches and Lots of Laughs 

Only eight members were present, but a lively meeting lead by Toastmaster Lloyd who did a startling imitation of the Muppets.  The highlight was Nicola's CC no. 10  speech Staying Loose.  Chained to a desk for 3 years  after working on a dairy farm  she started noticing stiffness getting out of bed and difficulty putting on her socks. Although she isn't one to put her feet behind her ears, decided she needed to loosen up. Yoga was the answer. She described the joys of doing yoga at home -  in comfortable clothes on her sticky mat for 30 minutes a day without the $30  cost of a class  has enabled her to sleep well and bounce out of bed. She recommended it to us all - and was congratulated and presented with her CC badge.  Thanks Nicola for 10 varied speeches and service as VP Membership last year. Buck introduced her and Mark evaluated her speech with lots of praise.

David Craig was bard and read from Perfume by Patrick Susskind. He'd loved it since he was 19 and read it in France - the setting for this story about wickedness and scent. He read with relish the first chapter, which described the foul stenches of sewage, corpses and blood in 18thC  Paris.

Helen read too from a Dave Barry article on Boring People. Evidently men do not like movies about a man and woman yearning to have, but not actually having a relationship. They can only take 45 seconds of yearning and then want everybody naked, followed by a car chase.

Josh came up with some challenging quotes for Table Topics. With so few present, every one was given a chance to speak and all came up with good ideas. My favourite quotes were "I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. They'll find an easy way to do it." Bill Gates, and  "Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you'll never be invited to a party." Oscar Wilde.  Speakers came up with original and amusing ideas. Josh did double duty and evaluated all the speeches.

Lloyd also did two jobs, being general evaluator as well as Toastmaster and Sarah was timer. Helen talked about the Contests coming up next week - 27 August, encouraging members to prepare a Humorous speech and everyone to enter the Table Topics contest.