Meeting report

08 August 2016


We had a great meeting last night.  Toastmaster Michael's weekend was exciting, but he didn't elaborate. He masterfully led us through another entertaining evening. The first speaker was Lisa with "Reality TV". She told us reality TV began in 2000 with the show 'Survivor', and now there are bloody cooking shows 24/7. She likes keeping up with Kim and all the real housewives. We learned that there is now 'The Real Housewives of Auckland' and Sydney as well. Lisa ended her speech wondering how real this reality really is. We were delighted that Renata visited us as guest speaker. Her speech was entitled "A New Beginning". She has experienced a lot of suffering in the past year involving men, employment and customers. She went on holiday and came back refreshed. She opened a new door and has become a life coach. If you would like life coaching or know someone who does, she's happy to help. Vita's Table Topics were thoughtful: Helen gave her opinion regarding dash cams. She isn't sure if she has one, if she does, she doesn't use it. Michael thinks drug testing for athletes works, but there are always new drugs and new ways to disguise their use, so new testing is always needed. Doreen discussed Turkey and whether it is really a democracy. Doreen is very knowledgeable on the subject as she grew up in Germany.  Ali discussed New Zealand predators and whether we will eradicate all of them over time. Lisa talked about terrorism and whether our world can ever stop it. Lloyd spoke about global warming, he believes it can be stopped in time if the people (rather than the politicians and big business) act now. David P discussed the Auckland housing crisis and said that it's part of a larger problem. We had an Ah Counter last night! It was the first time in several years that we have had an Ah Counter! I have been quite lucky that we haven't had one in a long time, because I far exceeded everyone's ahs with 25!