Meeting report

18 June 2018

Helen Peate

We were privileged to have Dana Dopleach, a former member and designer of our club website,to give a presentation on EasySpeak and Pathways. She took us through the steps involved in logging in, getting to Base Camp and Choosing a Pathway. Everyone agreed that the Pathways programme was not user-friendly and needed revising. Fortunately we still have 18 months to work on the old educational programme and time for the powers that be to simplify Pathways.

Helen ran a rants and reading session. It appears there are more ranters than readers in our midst.

Simon ranted about the declining quality of news reporting in the Press- no in-depth stories and Stuff is just sensation. He has cancelled the Press.

Vita ranted about the boring weekend entertainment in Christchurch compared to that in Russia - no white table cloths in restaurants, no bands, no shows, no dancing.

Penny ranted about the new MLE -Modern Learning Environment - in schools, with 120 children in a room with 4 teachers (or 60 with two). Noise goes up, personal relationships go down. Our children are guinea pigs in a bad system . We need to go back to one teacher who knows and can interact with small numbers of children.

Buck ranted about "the tooth fairy" and her new government pouring money into the America's Cup, a wealthy man's sport, and into the Pacific Islands, when money is needed for the our own people for medicine, operations, education and social services.

Wendy read from Dr Caroline Leaf's book Switch on Your Brain  describing how our thoughts/minds can change our brains and  increase our IQs.

Wendy also ran a lively table topics session using quotes. Simon said the main reason for travel is to spend the kids inheritance. Adrienne has a defence mechanism in social situations, acting as though she doesn't understand, asks dumb questions and finds people then leave her alone. Helen thinks it would be helpful if Toastmasters noticed and mentioned more of her mistakes. Her family do not hold back! Buck thinks rules were invented to stop him enjoying himself and doesn't worry about roasting in hell. Dana believes that 'putting her head in the lion's mouth' helps her go outside her usual boundaries. Vita has found the language difficulties involved in leaving Russia as an events co-ordinator have been resolved by organising her husband here. Penny found that a year alone in Italy where she had to learn a new language gave her confidence and a new beginning.

Simon acted as Sergeant at Arms and evaluated the Table topics, Adrienne evaluated the rants and Helen the reading. We were delighted that Penny Ledgard officially joined Shoreline tonight.


Adrienne our new VP Education has sent emails to all members with the agenda for next week's meeting. It is planned that this more personal approach, accompanied by phone calls when necessary will complement and gradually replace EasySpeak.