Meeting report

18 February 2019

Oxana and Valentine, Simon Says and Buck's Tiny Giant

Valentines Day was the theme of Oxana's first meeting as Toastmaster. Valentine rebelled against his Emperor's edict that men should not marry because they were reluctant to go to war. He conducted secret marriages and was consequently sentenced to death. While awaiting his fate he fell in love with the gaoler's daughter and his last message to her was signed "From your Valentine". He deserved his sainthood - and Oxana praise for her competent running of the meeting.

"Simon Says" was the title of Simon's Pathways presentation on communication styles. He decided from a TI survey that his style was supportive, even though this was described as a feminine trait and analytical, a male trait!  He is kind and loyal and precise and logical - useful traits for a pharmacist, but believes we adapt our style to the environment we are in. Tania introduced and Adrienne evaluated Simon's speech. Adrienne was also timer for the evening.

"A Giant Within" was the title of Buck's AC dramatic speech - about his grandmother - a tiny Irish woman who was transposed to Scotland and working in the a coal-mine in Bannockburn at the age of 14. Cleaning railway carriages was her job at 16 when she met and married his grandfather, a soldier 12 years older. They had 4 children by 1914 and she continued her railway work, raising her children and volunteering at the local hospital, caring for wounded soldiers. She took an active role in the 1920's strike, worked in soup kitchens and in WW2 welcomed in Jewish refugees. Buck showed his love and admiration for his grandmother saying that although she had a tiny frame she was a giant female warrior who had courage, power and determination.

Brad Grootelaar, President of Christchurch Toastmasters Club gave a relaxed and informative presentation on Pathways. After starting at TM Int website and negotiating through Pathways and Base Camp click on My Educational Transcript.

Simon has volunteered to help any of us who are struggling with Pathways by giving one on one or one on two tuition, with own devices, at his home.

Table Topics master Sarah, whose partner ate all the chocolates he gave her for Valentine's day, gave topics involving crazy choices and everyone gave amusing reasons for their choices. Lloyd preferred a 3rd arm to a 3rd leg; Adrienne a giraffe's neck to an elephant's trunk; Vita kissing a jellyfish to stepping on a crab; Michael to being a detective to being a pilot; Brad being invisible to being able to read minds. Our guest Barry told us interesting snippets about himself and his reasons for wanting to join Toastmasters. Helen evaluated the Topics and gave the general evaluation.

Helen announced that we are going to have a membership drive with a demonstration meeting in June when we all bring a friend and advertise to get others in the community to come. If anyone can get our club onto Facebook we would be delighted!