Meeting report

28 January 2019

New Year's Resolutions, Health Systems and Russian Corruption

Sarah ran her first meeting as Toastmaster with style, after giving Lloyd S'Arms a brief lesson in French pronunciation. Her theme was New Year's Resolutions which started in Roman times in January, named after the Roman God two-faced Janus who looked forwards and backwards.

Sarah's resolutions this year are to bike to university and to be kind - to make people smile. She thinks she has more chance of sticking to those than her last year's one to not drink alcohol.

Adrienne's speech "A Medical Emergency" compared the New Zealand Health system with the American system. Her horrific experiences with the latter made her realise how efficient and cost-effective our NZ system is.

Wendy's speech covered the career of an amazing man Bill Browder, an American businessman who exposed corruption in Russian government, became a human rights lawyer and one of Putin's arch enemies.

Maria introduced Adrienne, without notes, and Oxana gave a thorough and positive evaluation of the speech. Helen introduced and evaluated Wendy's speech, praising her use of her voice and her smart appearance.

Vita ran a genuine Table topics session with topics on the table. Lloyd's concerned smiling - an ideal topic for him; Maria had her ideas on eliminating predators but loves opossums; Adrienne considered our clean green image: Wendy our water quality, Helen was the wrong person to choose between PCs and laptops; Oxana thought electricity should be free; Michael swung both ways on global warming and suggested we practice our swimming. Our guest Jade told us a little about herself  - that she works in advertising and is enjoying the last year of her 20s. Tania said she was excited to evaluate the table topics all by herself and did so with humour and warmth.

Michael gave his usual enthusiastic general evaluation fo a most enjoyable meeting.