Meeting report

16 July 2018

David P welcomed three guests who all joined to become Shoreline members by the end of the meeting. Mark Sullivan, Oxanna Eremenko and Michelle Hall join Josh Huisman and David Craig as our five new members this Toastmasters year.

Toastmaster Adrienne was original and quirky as usual, and having no knowledge or interest in the World Cup interspersed quotes from Shakespeare into the meeting. Luckily there was no sign of "tongue-out venom from all the serpents of the Nile".

Vita enlightened us on "Communal Flats in Russia". In her young adulthood she was happy in a tiny flat with 5 sqm kitchen and a 10sqm combined living/bedroom and communal toilet to which one had to take one's own paper. The living conditions made us very grateful to be living in New Zealand. Wendy introduced and evaluated Vita's speech.

Penny in her Icebreaker speech covered the events which have influenced her. A year in Italy on leaving school, university and teacher training, an Outward Bound Course all made her resourceful and confident. Teaching in a posh London school taught her that money does not buy happiness. From parenting three young children lead her through methods of dealing with challenging behaviour to looking at neuroscience as a tool to challenge herself too. Lloyd introduced and evaluated Penny's speech.

Simon ran a true Table topics session using cuttings from the local Bay Harbour News. Few speakers spoke to the topic but no-one was lost for words. Michael talked about his recent holiday in Switzerland;  Mark talked about a slip in the Coromandel; Josh spoke glowingly about the diversity; Michelle gave a lively presentation about freedom camping.

David as first time timer gave an accurate report and Nicola and positive and helpful general evaluation.