Meeting report

05 November 2018

Music, Poetry and Fireworks

Lloyd as S/Arms cheered us up with the news that there are no poor and life expectancy is going up and Adrienne as Toastmaster lived up to his praise for her . Her enthusiasm, warmth and sense of humour made up for the fact that we only had 8 members present.

Maria introduced Wendy using no notes - a sign of excellent preparation. Wendy had a practice run for the speech she is delivering at a music conference. She covered the development of piano playing from the standardised performance of music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc to the exciting, free, experimental style of Carl Orff in the early 20th  century. She explained the beneficial effect learning by discovery, improvisation was having on her own work with young music students.Simon gave Wendy's speech a warm evaluation adn wished her all the best for her ouside presentation.

Lloyd as bard read four poems by perhaps NZ's best-known contemporary poet - Sam Hunt - including Sam's own favourite "Tom" about his son.

Michael's table topics had a fire and light energy theme appropriate for 5 November. Helen prefers Guy Fawkes to Halloween, hating the begging of lollies from strangers by children and loving the brilliance and excitement of fireworks. Oxana remembered sparks from a sparkler landing on her as a child and the wonderful feeling of being lit up herself. Simon spoke about nature's fireworks - volcanoes - describing the biggest explosion in the 1880s of Krakatoa. Maria had to pretend she was a dog on the day and walked, sniffed bottoms, napped amd panted with her tongue out. She didn't seem to be affected by fireworks. Lloyd was able to describe in detail how to light a fire without matches, using a flat piece of wood/ tinder, a stick and a piece of string. Perhaps he was a boy scout?  Wendy said that yes we should ban all private fireworks and just have public displays.Adrieend multi-tasked easily by evaluating the TTs, impressing with her listening skills. She also spoke about the up-coming speech contests in two weeks time. See notices.




 19 November - International and Evaluation Contests - read Adrienne's email