Meeting report

09 November 2015

John Hicks

Warm welcome from SAE, the versatile Lloyd Bathurst.

Theme - "All things Christchurch" set, with her usual enthusiasm, by TM Carolyn Skerret.

David Preston, bard, gave us a rendition of Arthur O'Shaughnessy's poem: "We are the music makers ...."

Second speaker, Stephen East, fresh from his overseas holiday, enthusiastically regaled us with ringside accounts of some of the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup games. Time constraints were cast aside (much as I feel impelled to abandon note-form) and we begged him to continue, and enjoyed a full 14 minutes or so in the shoes of Stephen East, sports addict. A bit worrying in some respects. Details of his nuisance Moroccan side trip (it got in the way of his rugby) will have to wait for another evening ....

After the break, TTM Lloyd had us grappling with our favourite things about Christchurch: authors, art, places etc. but the best impromptu effort must go to Bob Gordon who prefaced his timer's report with an hilarious gate-crashing story where he ended up - quite inadvertently - in front of the major TV news channel cameras on the morning of the RWC final. How was he to know they had singled out the Southbridge Rugby Club for special attention, and that he had chosen to sit in the invitation-only seats?

Finally, we were treated to three excellent off-the-cuff reports about the recent Blenheim Conference. Adrienne Malis was pleased to be able to consort with people who were not "friendly, but not over-friendly" and Alison Scott and Helen Peate were in dance heaven with people of undisclosed friendliness ... till late. Somehow, all three were awake enough to enjoy the speech contests and attend some useful educational sessions. Helen passed on some tips about evaluating.


If you have the energy after digesting all that, might I suggest that you click the tab and find out what Easyspeak has in store for you next week?