Meeting report

30 November 2015

John Hicks

Monday night's well-attended meeting was dominated by two excellent talks.

Grace Downs attained her Competent Communicator's certificate with a thoughtful and carefully constructed dissertation on "Gratitude". Gratitude is an attitude of mind for which we can, and should, strive. Grace offered ways in which we could achieve this. I particularly liked her reference to Epicurus - an eminently sensible ancient Greek - and I  was pleased that Michael Shand also picked this up in his excellent evaluation.

Alison Scott's speech "Dancing with Hope" was a moving account about raising Oskar, her Down's syndrome son. Ali's 15-year "dance" has alternated between Hope and Acceptance. We learned of new findings about neuroplasticity and improved cognitive function and Ali's new hope: she is taking Oskar to Professor Feuerstein's clinic in Jerusalem in May 2016 for life-changing brain and learning therapy. This speech, from the Professional Speaker manual was longer than usual. It occupied over 17 minutes during which Ali had us all riveted. Later, David Clarkson gave Ali a glowing, but thoroughly perceptive, evaluation. There is a lot to be learned from our experienced members. For tonight's homework I encourage you to find out more about Oskar at . 

With TTM Lisa Todd's help we were then transported to the delights (or otherwise) of Christmas. Helen Peat refused to organise a party for her boss because, as we all knew, she is the boss. Carolyn Skerret concluded, after some cheerful soul-searching, that perhaps family were more important than presents and that "Christmas doesn't come from a store". If you are planning Christmas with Wayne Sceats, my advice would be to keep him clear of the kitchen... 


  1. This Christmas Party is on Monday 7 December – 7.00pm, look forward to seeing you all there.

  2. Start back date is 18 January 2016. A reminder will be sent out the week beforehand.

  3. International speech and evaluation contest is on ..... .You need to have completed 6 projects from the CC manual in order to be eligible to enter the speech contest.We need two people to chair the contests, if interested, please email either Stephen or myself.

Look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Carolyn Skerrett