Meeting report

02 May 2016

John Hicks

Some toastmaster clubs award the best performer of the meeting. I am quite pleased that Shoreline doesn't do this; after all we are not comparing - cliche alert! - apples with apples. An outstanding table topics performance like David Clarkson's last night, cannot be compared with Lisa Todd's well prepared speech on the Treaty of Waitangi, or Stephen East's splendid recounting of the legend of Finn McCool and the Giant's Causeway. And, as far as best performers go, Toastmaster Michael Shand would have to have been a worthy contender. 

It was obvious that Michael had put a lot of thought into his role. He enthusiastically worked his chosen word of the day - "physics" - into the links between speakers. For example: Lisa's account of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 gifted him the opportunity to remind us about gravity and the "Newtonian thought" that prevailed in those times. Einstein was the game-changer and Michael gave the impression that, given more time, we would all have waltzed out of that little old yacht club with a detailed working knowledge of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, Life and all things relating to the Universe ... I was quietly relieved that Ryan Chappell (Timer) was able to deliver his report unimpaired by any warping of space and time ... or was he, or were we?

Terelle Hegerty (TTM)  gave David the opportunity to "enlighten" us with some wonderful philosophising that would have confused Confucius. Perhaps this sinaean line of thinking was subliminally triggered by Buck Buchanan who, in a prior TT, had alarmed those of us over the age of two with Chairman Mao's drastic solution to world peace.

Finally, President Stephen East announced, to general acclaim, that  Emma Garlick had transitioned from "welcome guest" and become the latest in a flush of new members. 

Thence to tea and muffins (thank you Vita Tasman) ... where, alarmingly, Michael was fizzing on (that's what physicists do) about Hadron Colliders in China...

Well done, fellow toastmasters! Another varied and entertaining evening, with plenty of food for thought.