Meeting report

27 June 2016

Stephen East

Sorry this report is slightly late. With a lot of members away on Monday and over the next couple of weeks we had a very tight group of enthusiastic toastmasters on hand.

Lloyd completed his duties as SAA for the last official time for the tm year and of course carried that out in his usual warm and friendly style. Thanks Lloyd for your contributions as SAA you have done a great job.

As TM for the night Michael was away with the birds, describing the different sounds he is enjoying living away from home. He facilitate the evening with enthusiasm and perfect precision.

Lisa delivered an entertaining speech around her experiences monitoring the self-service check-outs at New World and luckily is not haunted at night by their, (the self-service checkout’s) robotic voices.

My own speech was about the habits we form in life and what happens when they are broken by a death.

Both speeches were superbly evaluated by Bob and David Clarkson respectively. Carolyn set some challenging and rather controversial subjects for TT. All victims accepted the challenge and countered with a plausible stories i.e. Doreen – where is the missing Malaysian Airline, David P – is $2m enough for Teina Pora, David C – drugs in sport, he seemed to favour drugs!, Bob – Britex good or bad, Vita and Michael also performed admirably but sorry my memory is fading and I can’t remember their subjects.

All topic were well evaluated in challenging circumstances by Ryan.

Having just sat down as SAA Lloyd took over as GE due to the absence of John who had been forced to bed with the flu. Hope you’re on the mend John. Lloyd did a fantastic evaluation as GE with many pertinent suggestions, recommendations and commendations.