Meeting report

23 May 2016

John Hicks

This is a delayed report and I am scraping it together from the dim recesses of my memory and some illegible scrawl. 

I remember another warm start from S@A Lloyd Bathurst, conjured from thin air (i.e. no preparation) before he handed over to TM Stephen East. Stephen is bereft. His wife is in France and she has deprived him of the company of their cat. (Crocodile tears: he doesn't even get on with the cat!)

We had two interesting talks. David Preston spoke about gluten free diets and lactose intolerance. Should we dismiss this as "hippy-dippy homeopathy-type nonsense"? Not according to David, and to prove it he gave away a luscious black pudding that he had mistakenly purchased - because it contained gluten. It looked ( ... censored ...). I hope Ryan Chappell, the eager recipient, makes it to our next meeting.

Lillian Meng, our second speaker, told us about the differences between holidays as experienced in China and NZ. Cultural comparisons are always fascinating and I'm sure Lillian will have plenty of other variations on this theme to share with us in the future.

TTM, Lloyd, ran amok with some intriguing quotes: "Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one" / "I knew I was an unwanted baby when my bath toys were a toaster and a radio" / "A seven footer is the ultimate stocking stuffer" - yes, the last was misheard by your reporter and he found himself in deep water as a consequence (it should have been "a severed foot"). 

Lloyd's eight victims provided sufficient entertainment to satisfy the latent sadism in all of us and, after some useful evaluations, we retired for a well-earned cup of tea.