Meeting report

22 August 2016

John Hicks

David Preston is an assured Sergeant @ Arms and spun us through 180 degrees twice in the course of the evening. It came about because of problems with projectors and screens for Rory Horne's speech - of which more later. 2 x 180 ... this may be the first recorded revolution at a TM meeting!

Ryan Chappell was our first speaker and, after a lively introduction from Doreen Bestmann, launched into "Abuse of Power". This was, in effect, a diatribe against the veterinarians and the SPCA who had mismanaged the treatment of his mother's cats ... food for thought when we next consider donating to the SPCA. 

Guest speaker Rory is a "User Experience Analyst". His talk "Learnability in a World of User Experience" defined "learnability" and touched on other questionable terms, one of which my spellchecker has (quite correctly in my opinion) underlined: usability, discoverability, memorability. This was an unusual topic and Rory, judging from the questions he was asked, had certainly aroused our interest. Unfortunately, Rory's computer failed the usability test and crashed half way through, but he battled on gamely.

TTM Adrienne Malis had dreamed up some new Olympic Sports. Stephen East had us slavering as he went into the intricacies of "Buttered Toast Eating" and how he won his gold medal. For David Preston the main secret to "Lawn Mower Racing" is to keep your head down so that the grass doesn't get in your eyes, and he gave a graphic demonstration of how he won his gold medal (of which he is very proud). Vita Tasman involved pawn shops and sausages in her (inordinately complicated but successful) "Cat Herding" technique. I suspect Terelle Hegarty's ("Navel Contemplating") competition of hanging weights was based on Indian methods designed to enlarge another human appendage. Helen Peate was disappointed that, after 60 years practising she was only awarded a bronze for "Leg Shaving". She suspected that this was because normally you can stop at the knee, "but for the Olympics you have to go all the way up". Ever positive, she was pleased with the way the bronze matched her ginger stubble.

David Clarkson was GE. Who better? Most of us would have benefitted from his shrewd recommendations.

Thanks TM Lisa Todd, organising meetings can sometimes be as difficult as herding cats. Perhaps take a leaf out of Vita's book ... sausages for supper?