Meeting report

20 February 2017

John Hicks

Last night Shoreline’s International Speech and Evaluation Contests were held. The meeting ran smoothly under the calm and competent “chairpersonship” of Adrienne Malis who must have put in a lot of work behind the scenes.

Carolyn Skerret took away the IS cup. Her speech was delivered in her usual warm and inclusive style and, in my opinion, could well be used by TM for a recruitment drive. She told us how she overcame her twin phobias. She conquered her arachnophobia during a period of involuntary aversion therapy while living among the huntsmen of Melbourne, where she gained proficiency with insect sprays and shoe walloping. She mastered her second phobia, her fear of public speaking, after joining toastmasters. It took persistence, but she eventually reached the stage where she was able to address a large gathering at her father’s funeral with fluency and confidence. This gave a tremendous boost to her self-esteem ... an entertaining speech with a powerful message. 

Stephen East placed second with his speech “Human Nature”. Stephen's was a model speech: well delivered with good voice projection and tonal variety and masterful use of the pause. A good example of the art of speaking, especially for newer members.

The four contestants in the evaluation contest were given the task of evaluating a very interesting speech given by Gillian Frater from Spreydon Toastmasters on the “Elements of Eloquence” - about adjective order and rhetoric. The competition was won by Helen Peate with Carolyn Skerret and Lloyd Bathurst the runners up.

Special mention must go to Vita Tasman, master baker, whose culinary creations are becoming a welcome addition to our meetings. Her pikelets where much appreciated by all who stayed for supper. She also took some photographs of the evening which someone (perhaps me) will endeavour to attach to this report in due course (forgive the cliche, but I'm in a hurry!)

This was an absorbing and successful evening. Thanks to the visitors from other clubs who came to officiate and observe, our own members who also officiated, and the friends who came to offer support.