Meeting report

01 May 2017

John Hicks

There was a good attendance (15 including guest, Nick), and another entertaining evening was had by all. S@A David Preston, in introducing Toastmaster Emma Grace (who is studying for a law degree) remarked that everyone should have a law degree, but not everyone should use it! Suffice to say Emma wore the TM crown with confidence and obvious enjoyment of her role, and there were no legal hitches.

Stephen East’s speech “A Pressing Matter” was a toast to The Press which, to his relief, is now delivered in a flat plastic bag. There were echoes of an earlier speech he gave to Shoreline TM a year or so back, about his phobia of Glad Wrap. For those of us who had heard his earlier speech, last night’s toast was doubly entertaining.

I am loathe to impart too much information about my own speech “Too Much Information”, which was a child’s-eye exploration of information gleaned from cereal packets. It is gratifying for any speaker to hear his/her audience laugh and, though I suspect I may have trodden close to some legal boundaries, I was relieved that none of our budding lawyers intervened to stop me crossing them. Surely, John Harvey Kellogg cannot arise from his grave and sue me for telling the truth about him.

TTM Carolyn Skerrett took us back in time and asked Table Topics participants to tell us what famous sports person they would like to have met, what natural disaster they would like to have witnessed, which of their relatives they would like to have met etc. I particularly enjoyed David’s response: to watch the extinction of the dinosaurs (from the safety of an orbiting satellite). Buck Buchanan, flying the Scots flag yet again – he never gives up, does he? - would have loved to have been around for Scotland’s victory over England at Hampden Park in 1962. Lloyd Bathurst singled out Cassius Clay/Mohammed Ali for his high pain tolerance (and other less surprising attributes). We also learned about Adrienne Malis’s Greek great grandparents, and discovered why Vita Tasman, worships the Eagles – her favourite band.

Helen Peate can always be relied upon for her insightful and educational General Evaluations and, once again, we all benefitted from her vast experience.

President Adrienne was in campaign mood and informed us that most of the places on the new committee have been filled. Only two vacancies remain: president and secretary. She stressed that neither of these is overly demanding; so now is your chance to get in quick!