Meeting report

13 March 2017

Adrienne was Toastmaster and she performed with her usual stellar grace and wit. Our first speaker was Lloyd. His speech was entitled "What Will You do in Retirement?" He spoke about what awaits us after we stop working in a full time career. We can keep working at a high level, we can work at a lesser level or we can stop working altogether. Each scenario has different circumstances and it's up to us to choose. It was an informative and interesting speech. Next, Nicola gave her second speech. It was called "North vs South, the Upside of Down". She painted some beachy summery scenes with her words and she told us how happy she is that she discovered cheese rolls while living in Canterbury. She also regrets the loss of quality avocados. Vita asked us some thought provoking questions during Table Topics: Helen told us she would kick January out of the calendar because it's the loneliest month, Adrienne said her favourite holiday is Easter, Lloyd told us about resilience, he said he has the resilience to take what life throws at him. Nicola mentioned some of her favourite movies such as The Titanic, The Notebook and the Harry Potter movies, Tom has aspirations that next year will always be better, Stephen would like to go back in time to see how our ancestors lived and Emma said that people who swear have higher levels of intelligence, dammit! It wasn't a very large meeting this week but it was lots of fun!