Meeting report

23 April 2018

Helen Peate

Music, Doubt and Dreams - Meeting 23 April 2018


Toastmaster Helen ranted about members not using Easyspeak but calmed down to talk about the speech contests at the Division Conference on Saturday.

Wendy gave a moving Icebreaker “It’s My Return” in which she described her youth as a successful performance pianist, her decision to stop and her experiences since. She has worked as a school cleaner, in a law office and is now teaching children piano and doing a degree in Education.

Jed stepped in and gave an updated Icebreaker as practice for his upcoming work as a personal trainer on a cruise ship. He talked about his debilitating self-doubt about what to do with his life in the past and how he has overcome this.  Toastmasters has helped give him confidence.

Adrienne as TTM asked people to talk about their dreams. David used to dream of killing people at work; Helen about being a swimming film star; Wendy about her spider nightmare;  Jed switching off with boring people. Bernie dreamt of being a hero on film or TV and Sarah of being a princess in pink in a castle but decided that having to marry a prince or an old king was not desirable and that it was better to work, buy her own castle and gave up wearing pink.

David read an excerpt from “Gallipoli” by Alan Moorhead about the Anzac soldiers. They were very different from the other troops in their strong physiques, bravery, independence and contempt for effete British officers.

David, Jed and Carolyn introduced speakers, Michael, Carolyn and Ryan evaluated the speeches and table topics and Maxine delivered a perfect timer’s report.

Michael also described the seven workshops at the Division conference.

It was good to have David Clarkson back to give a thorough, thought-provoking general evaluation