Meeting report

09 April 2018

Helen Peate

On a freezing night Nicola led a warm meeting.

Maxine gave her Icebreaker speech covering her action-packed “37 years”. Drums, guitar, motor bikes, horse-riding and sport led to work – as a ski instructor at Mt Hutt and in USA, farm worker, office worker, flight attendant and currently a Real Estate buyers’ agent.  She combined that with marrying Will and producing 2 sons Ed 5 and Charlie 3. We admired her energy and are delighted to have her in Shoreline.

Adrienne’s speech “So Exciting” explained how her career as a surgical assistant and now IRD tax worker were so precise that she needed to do something creative in her spare time. In America she made and sold mosaic bird baths and fire surrounds. These were too heavy to bring to NZ. She was so excited to find a book on quilting that she now follows her grandmother’s passion and was not deterred by husband Jake’s wary comment on the quilt she made for their bed. “It is very intense”. It is still there, and so is he. She is excited and busy working on her 3rd large quilt.

Vita challenged us with 8 questions for Table Topics. 

  • Maxine explained why eggs are good for us. She eats two a day. Does that account for her energy levels? 
  • Carolyn didn't hesitate. The most dangerous thing in Christchurch is walking on footpaths in high heels. Her shoe fetish again?
  • Nicola confirmed that green - as in grass, forests, and healthy vegetables - makes us happy.
  • Helen said that eggs are yellow in the middle and white on the outside because hens have a colour sense.
  • Wendy agreed that the world is warming up because she feels hotter walking now.
  • Simon agreed we need hedgehogs and had his grandmother’s experience as proof.
  • Adrienne said that trees do talk and repeated a recent conversation with one.
  • David enlightened us. China is Chinese because Chinese people live there.

Simon and Jed introduced our speakers and Carolyn and David evaluated their speeches.

Michael gave the general evaluation and announced that the Division G conference was on Saturday 21 April with workshops and contests.



The Division G conference will be on Saturday 21 April with workshops and contests.