Meeting report

23 July 2018

Joy, Pain, Trains and Boats

Simon gave humorous introduction to Toastmaster  David P announced that he is taking a break for a few months. Helen thanked him for his often unappreciated hard work as Sergeant-at-Arms setting up and closing up for nearly 3 years. We will miss his wit and warmth and look forward to his return. Simon will take over yet another task as S/A with Lloyd as back-up.

 We were treated to two outstanding Icebreaker speeches from Mark Sullivan and Michelle Hall.

"Shared Moments of Joy " :  Mark went through the high- and low-lights of his life, from hunting and fishing, discovery of photography and his daughter's birth through to concussion and depression. HIs fascination with photography lead to his career as a wedding photographer, which he has been doing for 6 years.  He loves seeing the joy in brides' faces as they see themselves as beautiful - they are shared moments of joy.

"The Pain in My Life" : Michelle comes from England but "wouldn't go back for one million dollars". She has two boys 12 and 14 and no husband. "He was a bit of a pain". She is dyslexic -" a bit of a pain too", but says it has helped her in her learning and career as a physiotherapist and acupuncturist. She works with people in pain and had some interesting examples of the ability to switch off pain, like the soldiers in WW1 with legs blown off feeling no pain because it meant they would be sent home.

Mark's speech was introduced by Penny and evaluated by Adrienne and Michelle's was introduced by Nicola and evaluated by Michael.

Lloyd as Bard read an excerpt from Harper Lee's "Go Tell a Watchman". It centred on a train trip home by the strong heroine, Jean Louise Finch, daughter of Atticus, in which she got trapped in a folding bed in the train carriage.

Wendy ran another original Table Topics session based on Boats and French Cooking! Adrienne's French cooking involved finding a Frenchman, slicing him up, cooking him and serving him up as a delicious family meal. Simon found not a single tug boat on his cruise through the Marlborough Sounds. Helen's luxury cruise was disappointing because they had no paid dancing partners - "it wasn't that sort of cruise!" Vita had balancing problems as an Olympic sculler and finished up swimming. Mark's kayaking in the Bay of Islands was most enjoyable until he discovered his badly sun-burnt thighs. David P had to sleep on the floor of the Picton Ferry Terminal waiting for a storm to abate only to have to cross later with 4 metre waves making ita most unpleasant trip. Michael, after considering walking on the Murray River in South Australia, had a slow journey through brown water ina long boat. David Craig travelled from the South of France to Antarctica on a Viking boat existing on weevils in bread, wine in casks and special mushrooms. On arrival he ate penguins - raw - and when he ran out of those and the snow was more red than white, he ate his mate! Nicola would not row into a glow-worm cave due to claustrophobia but imagined it would be pretty. Michelle made crepe suzettes with an egg, flour, milk and either a Frenchman - or an Italian - not fussy - to share them with.

David C again gave an accurate Timer's report and Lloyd gave an encouraging and constructive General Evaluation. It is good to have him back.

Helen went over the programme for next week. Nicola as Tm will send it out on email.