Meeting report

02 July 2018

Sun was Toastmaster SImon's theme.  We'd had some that day!   Perhaps it brought out our four guests, two of whom joined that night.  We welcome new members Josh Huisman and Mark Sullivan and hope to enrol Oxanna and Dave soon. We were delighted too to welcome back Lloyd after his year's leave. Thanks to all the speeches tonight we had a brilliantly sunny/funny evening.

Buck entertained us with a  speech about his Granny who brought him up. She was as compassionate as Florence Nightingale, as tenacious as Kate Shepherd and as ferocious as Boadicca. After he and his cousins had a night out at the pub she woke them at the crack of dawn, wielding a broomstick and shouting "You drunken swine", chased these trained young soldiers through the streets. "Take to the hills lads" their granddad shouted. They did.  Buck's message - "Never Take Your Granny for Granted" . Judging by the laughter everyone loved Buck's story and his Granny.

Adrienne as Bard read Bill Bryson's description of a first try at boogie-boarding. Another very funny story. Adrienne also ran an original and entertaining table topics session in which we had to choose between two scenarios. Lloyd decided he would rather have the power to move objects at will rather than read minds. David would prefer never waiting in line to always getting the green light - the same thing he said. Buck would rather have constant tinnitus than only seeing in black and white. He already has tinnitus!  Josh is an old-fashioned guy - he'd rather live 100 years in the past than 100 years in the future. Mark spurned the choice of $500 or 3 more hours in the day and explained that he was joining Toastmasters because he is soon to have to give a father-of-the-bride speech - and dance. Conventions are for the latter. Oxanna chose constant dandruff over cold sores. First-time guest Dave would rather be covered in warm fur than colorful feathers. 

Helen, Penny and Vita  evaluated Buck's speech, Adrienne's reading and Table Topics respectively and Nicola gave a thorough general evaluation.

Helen, on her first night as this year's president thanked Nicola for her work as VP-Membership last year, made special mention of David P who is again taking on the demanding role of Sergeant-at-Arms and Simon who is continuing as Treasurer, is willing to help David and has been active in joining up new members. She also mentioned up-coming training for club officers - see notices.




Club Officer (Committee members) Training. Choice of two times - Thursday 26 July -6pm - 9.30pm or Saturday 29 July 9am - 1pm. Venue: Christchurch North Methodist Church 68 Harewood Rd.

 It is important to attend and will be informative and helpful in building up our club.