Meeting report

24 June 2019

Dogs’ Noses, Difficult People and Back to the Past

Shoreline Meeting Report 24 June 2019

Lloyd welcomed everyone, including guests Jenny and Rose and introduced Toastmaster Wendy. Running was her theme and she had a variety of quotes on the subject. Another quote, unrelated, was useful for table topics. “Just open your mouth and speak into the space!”

It was Adrienne’s last night as she takes some leave and she delivered a Research your Topic speech, “The Nose Knows”, about the biological explanations for dogs’ special smelling abilities. She is going to be more tolerant of her dog’s interruptions to her walks as he stops and sniffs. Sarah introduced and evaluated her speech and said how much we would miss her wonderful deadpan humour.

Lloyd introduced Barry, saying that his background in industrial design and project management made him well qualified to present the Pathways assignment How to Manage a Difficult Audience. In his speech “Never Split the Difference” Barry said that although conflict is inevitable we need to keep an open mind, slow down, compromise if necessary and take some risks to gain a lot. When quoting prices give a price range not a fixed price.  Penny gave her first speech evaluation with sincerity and warmth.

Natasha as bard read her favourite poem Desiderata, starting with “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.”  We wish.

Natasha also ran table topics with questions starting, “ If you could go back in time…..?  Lloyd thought the 30s and 40s were the good old days. Tania wished she had stayed at school longer, then gone into the military. Vita would like to go back to her 20s to act and entertain. Adrienne wished she had taken university more seriously and gone into a brilliant career. Rose had dreamt of being an Antarctic scientist so her visit to the continent was inspirational. Jenny said she had come to Toastmasters to gain confidence in speaking at work and socially. David evaluated the topics, Helen gave the general evaluation and Tania multi-tasked beautifully as timer.

It being Helen’s last night as president she had baked a lemon cake for supper.