Meeting report

25 February 2019

Cookies, Clive and Creativity

Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies were the highlight of the meeting. Adrienne relaxes by grabbing four hot out ot the oven, lying on her couch and reading. She told us their history starting in USA in 1938 using broken up chocolate instead of melted chocolate. At the end of the meeting we were treated to lots of the crunchy but chewy cookies Adrienne had made. Visitors David and Natalie came on the right night.

Vita read the Toastmasters Promise. The item that stuck in my mind was "To serve my club as an officer when called to do so". Club officer elections are coming up in May!

Adrienne was also the bard and read from Peter Calder's book Travels with my Mother an amusing excerpt about his father who fancied himself, with zero justification, as a handyman.

Tania's Motivational Pathways Speech, Evolving Takes a Village, concerned the wonderful mentoring she experienced when training as an ambulance officer. Clive, with help of Trudy and Jamie, helped her overcome her fears and mental blockages caused by dyslexia. When being asked questions Clive got her actively doing something like scrubbing a truck or cutting a cake while she was thinking of answers. In the final exam she just had to keep her mentors in her head and gained her diploma at top of her class.

Simon's Table Topics involved participants describing the plots of one of the Top Ten NZ books of 2018. Only one of them had been read so creativity came to the fore with Vita, Lloyd, Barry, Wendy and Natalie. Helen had read The Luminaries and was amazed it had won the Booker Prize because it was so boring. Guest David told us why he had come to Christchurch after 40 years in Wellington -to be near grandchildren.

Sarah gave what general evaluator Lloyd called "an unbelievably good evaluation of Tania's speech and Vita evaluated "our little speeches" - TTs.

We look forward to 3 speeches next week.