Meeting report

21 August 2017

Helen Peate

Report - Shoreline Meeting /Contest Night – 21 August 2017


It was a stimulating and entertaining night with all members participating either as contestants or timers or S/Arms.


Humorous Speech Contest

After a warm-up joke told by the contest chair Helen Peate, five contestants provided lots of laughs.


John Hicks spoke on “Too Much Information” ranging from words on cornflakes packets to Mr Kellogg’s aversions/perversions and the Sanitarium link.


Adrienne Malis in “A Blessing in Disguise” covered her life-drawing modelling career and the consequences of the appearance of surprise visitors to class.


Stephen East in “The Human Male Species – Adored or Flawed?” used his head nod, and eyebrow-raising to demonstrate the communication methods used by males.


Carolyn Skerrett in “Shopping” demonstrated the lengths she goes to in order to look good, her husband’s opinion and her sister’s reaction to a potential beau’s shoes.


David Preston in “Beginner Bee-keeping” showed his bravery in dicing with death by having this hobby while extremely allergic to bee stings.


Results of the Humorous Speech Contest:

1st:      Adrienne Malis

2nd:      Stephen East

3rd        David Preston


Table Topics Contest 

The topic was “Does Royalty Deserve Our Loyalty?”


A recent record number of nine contestants entered.

They were John Hicks, Michael Shand, Buck Buchanan, Simon Mortimer, Ali Scott, David Preston, Stephen East, Tom Fuller and Nicola Powell.

The judges were impressed by the high standard of speaking by all contestants.


Results of the Table Topics Contest:

1st:       Buck Buchanan

2nd:      David Preston

3rd:       Tom Fuller


We wish Adrienne and Buck success in the Area G1 contests in September.