Meeting report

21 May 2018

Helen Peate

David P introduced our "entertaining,succinct and joyous" Toastmaster & President Michael. Vita gave us a second round of tips to save money while enjoying a holiday in Thailand including staying near a mall for cheap eating and a walk though a red light district to entertain husbands.

Nicola in her speech "What Not to Buy", distinguished between items needed and items wanted.  Butter and gym membership - needed; wine, Netflix & Lightbox and stiletto shoes just wanted. Want - delay a decision. Can't live without it - buy.  Oh for strength of character.

Jed and Bernie introduced and evaluated Vita's and Nicola's speeches. In the after-glow of Harry & Meghan's wedding Helen gave quotations about love and marriage to challenge impromptu speakers. Wendy thought marrying a man with blistered hands a sensible idea. Visitor and former member Robert Cumming  disagreed with Barry Crump that a wet dog in bed was preferable to a wife. David P  considered marriage and a bicycle pump Nicola was not sure that the best husbands were ones with no brains.  Michael agreed that wives should be chosen wearing qualities not just surface gloss. Vita agreed that similar sense of humour was an advantage. Personal trainer Jed thought men should keep fit and or their wives might look for a better model.  David C agreed that love is life's most beautiful mystery and fills the heart with joy. Adrienne evaluated these speeches and David C  gave a thorough and helpful general evaluation.