Meeting report

16 April 2018

David introduced our “tall dark and handsome” Toastmaster Jed who was doing the job for the first time. He did so with cheerful aplomb. The ladies on the cruise ships will love having him as their personal trainer.

In Vita’s speech on “Budget Travel” she entertained us with accounts of how she and Arnie slept comfortably in cheap places and ate delicious food in street stalls and even supermarkets for next to nothing in Thailand. You don’t need many stars or loads of money to enjoy yourself. 

Nicola in her speech “Impressions” supported the adage that first impressions do count. Having good posture, open facial expressions and not waffling go towards make a good impression on others and also make you feel more confident yourself.

Ryan and Wendy, David and Michael introduced and evaluated their speeches. Carolyn gave us easy table topics, evaluated by Ryan and Helen was general evaluator.