Meeting report

09 May 2018

Bernie's Icebreaker with no notes was inspiring. Both her parents were raised in orphanages and consequently valued their own family above all else. Bernie is one of their 5 children and shares their love of family, education - and of cycling from her father. After school she was copywriter for Radio NZ, then went ot university "for fun", left after 8 weeks and worked at dating agency. "Most of the males were looking for casual relationships and the females for long-term commitment - so back to a media job, then back to university - seriously - coming out with an MBA.  She is marketing consultant at Ravensdowne and loves her work. In the weekends she can be seen cycling on the Summit Rd and drinking coffee in cafes with her fellow lycra wearers.

David tested us all with Time Table Topics. Adrienne had "all the time in the world" at 17 in her long hot summers with no school for 3 months and swam and ate lollies all day. "Twenty-five years ago Vita was an events co-ordinator and actress in Russia not knowing that 9 years later she would be in NZ with the man who shares her values. Poet Wendy said, "Now is the hour" - to share our power. She then showed her musical bent by saying we should speak to make our hearts sing.  Michael had "plenty of time" to fight a decision to move his bach in the high country but it burnt down before time was up. Jed wasn't sure what he'd be doing " five years time" but showed us the 4 TIme Quadrants and advised us to spend most time in the 'not urgent but important' quadrant. Bernie said the "now is as good a time as any" to start doing some things just for herself - like joining Toastmasters and learning the ukelele. Helen waffled on "time the great leveller" about her grandchildren growing up. "In 20  years time" Nicola could be anywhere - perhaps South America or France?

Helen gave a report on the District Conference in Auckland in the weekend, Vita evaluated Bernie's speech, Nicola table topics and Michael was general evaluator. Adrienne as Toastmaster led the meeting with her usual ease and warmth.