Meeting report

25 June 2018

Helen Peate

We were delighted to welcome two guests Josh Huisman and Oxana Eremenko, who enjoyed themselves so much that both have decided to join.

David P introduced "always well-prepared" Toastmaster Adrienne who countered that her goal this year was to loosen up and not memorise all her speeches.

Simon gave an entertaining speech for his second Pathways assignment about his holiday in Cappadocia Turkey. He illustrated it with pictures on the screen of the amazing rock formations and caves and the view from balloons sailing above.

Wendy gave a preparatory speech for her presentation a Waikato university next week on her thesis comparing the stifling effects of performance-exam-based music compared with music played for pleasure and the love if it with no rewards other than authenticity and delight.

Nicola, with her usual streak of originality, gave table topics concerned with "The Truth About..." Wendy was obviously fully acquainted with Aliens, Helen is practising her swimming in case Redcliffs goes under the sea like Atlantis, David upset us all by destroying our belief in the Tooth Fairy, Adrienne had obviously missed out on the drug trafficking at the Bermuda Triangle.  Josh said the Loch Ness Monster was a mythical creature which ate Scotsmen  - a story fostered by whisky drinking.  Oxana was far too young to remember Jack the Ripper so talked about her hopes for the future and her desire to develop her speaking skills.

Penny gave a warm introduction and evaluation of Wendy' speech, Helen of Simon's and David an relaxed, informative and encouraging general evaluation. It was enjoyable getting to know Oxana and Josh better over coffee.


Simon is Toastmaster next week. Go to Easyspeak please.