Meeting report

28 May 2018

Helen Peate

Michael as President chaired our AGM and presented his report. The treasurer Simon is in Spain so his report will come later. Officers elected for the year 1/7/18 to 30/6/19 were President: Helen Peate, VP-Education: Adrienne Malis, Secretary: Wendy Christie, Treasurer: Simon Mortimer, Immediate past president: Michael Shand. We still need a Sergeant-at-Arms and a VP-Public Relations.

Wendy as first time Toastmaster led a stimulating meeting. Helen in her Your Body Speaks speech demonstrated different kinds of smile - coy, the Jacinda beam, the Tim Shadbolt "I'm completely stoned", the apologetic, romantic, false, the "I'm wearing expensive underwear", the satisfied smile on the face of the tiger and the male roguish, rakish with hooded eyes - the last to be ignored by all women.

Jed, in his last meeting before taking off on a luxury liner as activities officer, told us the three sayings that annoy him about the fitness industry:

"You have to exercise for half an hour at least or don't bother". Be active for as much time as you can. "Women should not lift weights." Lift something heavy every day. Ignore silly advice from Health magazines.

There is no need to go to the gym. Move, move more, move faster, move differently and lift something heavy. We will miss Jed and wish him well.

David's book title topics gave opportunities for invention, description and stories. Jed described our own 'Desert Road'.  Alison talked about her hero Ghandi delivering 'A Fair Battering' by passive resistance. Adrienne said 'Begin it Now' was a good book for a procrastinator.  Vita's 'Beautiful Things' were tiny gut microbes that help digestion.  Michael on 'Use of Weapons' described how he likes to wave his great-granddad's sabre but would not impale anyone with it.  Guest Penny was unhesitating about 'A Sweet Poison' - sugar - and her efforts to control her desire for it.  Nicola thought 'Repair Instruction For..' would be useful for her leaking washing machine. Wendy described her 'Villa at the Edge of the Empire' as a mediation centre in little thatched house.  In  'Meet me in the Square'  Helen's revealed her bird phobia problem in St Marks Square Venice.

Evaluators were Alison, Nicola, Michael and Adrienne.

Alison Scott gave a farewell speech.







  • We will we meet next on 11 June. It was decided to go to the Everest meeting that night to get ideas on how to get new members. Adrienne. Vita, Wendy, Helen, David and Penny will go.