Meeting report

09 July 2018

Helen Peate

David P opened the meeting with humour and suspense and introduced Toastmaster Vita who shone brightly despite the dim light in the Yacht Club.  We were treated to three brilliant presentations and excellent evaluations. We were also delighted to welcome David Craig as a new member.

Josh delivered a fine Icebreaker speech covering his three passions - snow-sports, work and travel. He worked for American software company, where adventure and travel was easy. Now working here as a business analyst for the City Council, he is on an intellectual adventure -  turning information into action. He is optimistic, outgoing and works and plays hard. We are lucky he has joined Shoreline.

Wendy in her speech "Transformation" talked about her work in the Oscar programme teaching children with severe behavioural problems. Getting no help from the Social Welfare nor Education Departments she sat with the children and found that they had been bullied and so retaliated with violence. She developed a trusting, caring, loving environment for them and used music to complete the transformation in the classroom and in their lives and hers.

As Bard, our champion story teller Buck read his own story "The Birthday Party". It was party at midnight on the battle field in the 1956 Suez Crisis by Buck and fellow soldiers for a 19 year old soldier. He looked like a grinning hedgehog, when he received a birthday cake from his mother.  They invited the sergeant, cut 7 slices of the cake with a bayonet and washed it down with tin mugs of Scottish Sunshine.  Buck said reading it brought teh whole incident back. He could visualise every moment. So could we.

Wendy also ran a challenging "What do you know about/ what could you do about..."Table Topics session. David P had a tongue-in-cheek, (we think), solution to the Israel Palestine conflict - nuke from space. David C described the Vikings as fighting men with funny hats. Buck knew enough about Winston Churchill to speak for hours, mentioning only his responsibility for the Gallipoli disaster in WW1 and his iron will keeping Britain strong and victorious in WW11.  Simon knows the Great Wall of China is big and wants to book a seat in Branson's spaceship to fly over it. Lloyd spent 3 seconds saying he knew absolutely nothing about Oliver Cromwell.  Helen from her Oxford experience, was able to say a bit more about him. Bernie, having to choose between leading one's life - doing nothing or everything said life was miracle and a bit of both necessary.

David P introduced Josh and Lloyd evaluated his speech with skill and positivity, using the CRC method and evaluating to the objectives. Simon introduced and evaluated Wendy's speech warmly saying she had gripped us from the start.

Bernie evaluated the Table Topics showing the listening and keen observational skills we will miss.  After being a member for just a such a short time, Bernie is leaving because of a clash with ukelele lessons. We hope she will return.

Helen delivered a thorough general evaluation from the back of the room, being incapacitated with a bad back, possibly caused by wild dancing at Toastmasters Convention. If only people would act their age.