Meeting report

01 November 2016

Helen Peate

Nicola who had been coming as a guest was warmly welcomed as a new member.

Lloyd introduced Buck as Toastmaster. He set the scene for Halloween by giving a history lesson. Halloween did not start in America but in Scotlnd and Ireland. The night before All Hallows day people in the Middle Ages went out with bright lamps and noise to scare away evil spirits.

Carolyn spoke about the effects of methamphetamine four years ago. Tonight she gave a second speech about testing for the drug in houses. She had gone to a seminar and came away depressed and worried for her sons going flatting. Smoking it gives only low levels of P but manufacture gives high levels. Signs of a P lab in a house are traffic all day & night, curtains pulled, a smell of cat urine, yellow stains on carpets, walls, fans, furnishings. The seminar was run by a company that tests for P she decided not to worry too much about her sons' flats.

Doreen's speech Be a Hero concerned blood. Her mother has a blood condition where her blood thickens to life-threatening levels and she needs a blood transfusion every four months. Only 4% of New Zealanders donate blood, the most common excuses being that they don't like needles or they don't have time. You can have a local anaesthetic beforehand and take a fellow donating friend to lie beside you and chat or catch up on your emails - and you get team and biscuits. She asked us to be heroes - to save lives by giving blood - and before someone we love needs it.

Ryan as Table Topics Master got into the Halloween theme by asking participants to tell stories about ghosts, ghouls, stormy nights in cemeteries, mad hermits and hatchet men. Everyone rose to the occasion and we hope Emma didn't have nightmares.

Lillian and Vita introduced speakers. Lisa, Michael and Helen evaluated them and Stephen gave a helpful general evaluation.